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We are glad you stopped by. Aren’t you? 🙂

The delectable flavors of Elixir Fixer® emerge from the creative mind of Jim Higgins, a lifelong chef, a culinary artist, and an ace event stylist. His love for food fired up a thriving catering business in San Diego. Later, he brought his energy to the Pacific Northwest through his other creative endeavors. He welcomed people to his business and his home. They loved his holiday parties. Jim would be energetically chatting while mixing drinks. The guests would be sipping, smiling, rejoicing. Over the years, they come to associate that fun as much with his flavors as with his company. Naturally, they wanted to carry the fun with them and create those magical moments at their own homes. So they started pestering him to bottle the zest!

Jim finally decided to oblige.

And now you all have them! Elixir Fixer® Syrups. A nod to great culinary flavors and the farm fresh goodness renowned in the Pacific Northwest. All bottled up for your convenience and your delight! Make a zesty punchbowl for a fun party and make the room light up! Mix a few cocktails for a romantic evening and enjoy them while gazing into each other’s eyes. With or without alcohols. All effortless. Love to cook? Our syrups can spice up your salad dressings, sauces, desserts. Your guests will talk about them for months to come.

But Elixir Fixer didn’t start with the syrups or the flavors or the drinks. It started with people. It was inspired by people.

We want to connect with YOU. And we want you to connect with others while you enjoy Elixir Fixer. It is not about how we stirred the pot, who stirred what pot, or when we first stirred the pot. It is about fun and sharing, moments of togetherness. Every time you clink glasses and smile, we are grateful for you allow us to create the enjoyable experience for you.

Let’s have some fun together!


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